Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Art needs to annunciate through an image with purposeful interaction. Art requires mindful activity. Even though a myriad of beautiful and intriguing shapes, patterns and objects occur in nature they are not art, yet a mindful individual could gather them and arrange them, purposely striving for an effect, a statement, beauty, illusion, they could become art. Yet if the natural items were placed for some other expression, religious or spiritual, they would not be art per se, but utilitarian talismanic. Carvings in red cedar, by the first peoples of the Canadian northwest, such as the Haida, appear to be evocative art while originally intended as spiritual totems. Were these early carvers artists even though that concept would have been completely incomprehensible to them? Were the upper paleolithic painters of the walls of the Lascaux caves in southern France artists? Or some twenty thousand years later a person quietly sits in a gallery space, seemingly motionless, on display... is this art?

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