Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Online Presence, Selling and Promotion:

There is a ubiquity of articles extolling the virtues of the internet in all of its permutations for ultimately selling original art. By the way a copy of original art is not original art, it is no more than a copy and no matter how copious the verbiage it will remain nothing more than a machine made copy in perpetuity. Most artists seem to be asking the question, "How can I increase my sales" when they mean, how can I sell anything at all. The usually responses are comprised of  litanies of mostly know online entities such as ebay and etsy for actual sales or facebook and instagram for exposure and ambiguous advice such as stay the course. There is supposed to be much enthusiasm for the endless online possibilities, yet it always seems to be the ignorant fantasizing  that they are informing the ignorant. No one ever states that they have used ebay for years and they are selling several thousand dollars of art a month, though somewhere someone might. One way or another far more art is published on all of the various venues than is ever sold, so that it is far more likely that an artist will not sell with any regularity if at all.

The advice that an artist should be true to themselves and paint only what they deem to be a pure expression and expect to sell is moronic drivel. If an artist is selling and has a devoted following they can expand their repertoire somewhat and even then the buyers might shy away. Most art will not sell and there are no guaranties, however the artist may very well have a better chance with a cat painting than one of a toilet bowl and I am making no suggestions, but the artist should investigate and make the attempt to develop work which they surmise from observation to be appealing to the potential buyer, just short of copying Thomas Kinkade. Some artists do well enough though they are always a small minority who also produce excellent work. Artists who actually sell well do not teach or prattle or give advice. They quietly work, make art, prepare to make art and sell. If art sells then what follows is simple, make more art, however, for everyone else though does the artist continue to make art whether it sells or not and if so what art should they make if they choose to continue?

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